Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The last couple of days have been a bit more brisk than usual. People have started wearing a light jacket to the office. I can nap on my living room couch without the air conditioner on. The baseball season only has a couple of weeks remaining. Autumn is upon us.

More so than any time in recent memory, I find people are lost in routine. It's not that life isn't great or that they're bored; rather, life's new cyclical nature is harder to break than ever before. So I inquire, what are the obstacles to busting this monotony? The obstacles are too simple not to be overcome: "It's too much money"... "I don't have time"... "It's too far"... I don't believe it's that people (and when I say people, I know I'm as guilty as the rest of the crowd) are weak; I think they need to remind themselves.

There is always tomorrow, until one day there isn't. There is always the chance to fly here or fly there for the weekend, until one day there we have too much responsibility to do so. There is always the random night at the random place with th random crowd, until we don't do that as much.

"It's too much money...", but it's only money. You're going to have more of it at some point.

"It's too far" and "I'm too tired..." Sleep is for the tired and this life has hardly grown tiresome.

"I don't have time..." Make time. Time is ours, and what we do with it is of our own choosing.

When the sun rises tomorrow, all that remains of today is memories. Obstacles are meant to be averted and hurdles meant to be jumped. It just takes a little effort. On that note, I'll leave with a quote:

"Come on now
Stay up and make some memories
Yeah, with us now
Roll the red carpet out with friends
To whom, to love and roll on"

~Dave Matthews

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